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Album Cover Art & Inserts by Elsa Senner
2021 Na Hoku Hano Hano Award for Best Album Graphics

Tavana is a multi-instrumentalist from Honolulu, HI who uses electronic drum triggers to lay down a variety of grooves with his feet while simultaneously playing guitar, banjo, lap steel, or ukulele and singing soulful, island-inspired Rock and Blues. 

Sway features 12-tracks of island-inspired rock and blues accompanied by a wide variety of different sound elements, and guest artist features including Mike Love, Ron Artis II, Paul Izak, and Caleb Keolanui (The Green). Tavana’s next level musicality produces a rich experience uniquely captured throughout the new soundtrack.

"My rig has grown over the years, and I now use six electronic drum pedals to achieve my desired sound. I perform everything live and use no looping. Everything is played moment to moment...It's hard to explain how fun it is to do this. Its like having a whole band in your body and mind."

“I am so excited for people to hear the new album, I really poured my heart and soul into every song. The process was incredibly fulfilling to me, and I hope listeners get something out of it, especially during these uncertain times.”

Tavana has been the supporting act for Alabama Shakes, Shakey Graves, Xavier Rudd, Jenny Lewis, Julian Marley, and Kaleo to name just a few. In 2009, Eddie Vedder invited Tavana to sing 'Hawaii 78'- a Hawaii anthem of sorts - with him at the Hawaii Theatre. "He's more the exception than the rule, he is a great human and I'm glad to know him" said Vedder while introducing Tavana to the audience. From a recording of their performance together, Vedder produced a limited vinyl record that was sent out to 10,000 Pearl Jam fans.


26 & Jane


Poems by Linda Pastan. Published by W.W. Norton. Illustrations by Elsa Senner.

A moving selection of poems for dog lovers, accompanied by charismatic line drawings, from a poet with an "unfailing mastery of her medium" (New York Times Book Review).

"The National Book Award finalist, [Linda Pastan,] captures the irreplaceable love for her canine in this wistful, witty collection." (Oprah Magazine).

"A Dog Runs Through It" topped as no. 1 on Amazon's new release charts in American Literature in May 2018 & was featured in under "Best Books to Read April 2018". 

The collection of poems is paired with twenty five of Elsa Senner's detailed, ink illustrations.



Collaboration with Astrology Heart. Content and Layout by Fay Senner. Illustrations by Elsa Senner

"These cards were created from a place of pure joy. The result of a collaborative effort between my daughter, myself, and my deep love of Astrology. Let these Celestial Art cards guide you on a journey of self-discovery and serve as an entryway into something greater… your life purpose." (Astrology Heart)

The cards can be used as learning material for aspiring astrologers - or those interested in the study of astrology. Greeting cards, framed art pieces, and birthday calendars are also available for purchase.


BYS Teacher Training Materials Illustrated by Elsa Senner. 

Boston Yoga School was founded by Ame Wren in 2013 with the mission of offering high-quality yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and classes in the Boston area and beyond. The School is a collaborative effort between an exceptional group of teachers and studios aiming to offer an intentional, profound, and fulfilling space for students of yoga to learn, find inspiration, and be bolstered on their path.

Nearly 100 of Elsa Senner's illustrations of asanas - ranging from primary to intermediate - are used as study materials for Boston Yoga School students. Asana photo resources include teachers Ame Wren, Brenna Matthews, & B.K.S. Iyengar. 


Label Illustration by Elsa Senner.

Founded by Tai Ananda-Stout in 2017 and based out of Honolulu, HI – his ciders have been recognized for their excellence by several inter-island brew contests. Seedy Ciders are known for their wild foraged & fermented flavors, most notably lilikoi & guava. 

Kona Homebrew Contest 2015 - Gold

Kona Homebrew Contest 2016 - Silver

Maui Homebrew Contest 2016 - Gold

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