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The Hope Found Project Coloring Book

Voice Found is a Canadian charitable organization committed to the prevention of child sex abuse and commercial sexual exploitation. Through the Hope Found Project, they provide support for persons who have been sex trafficked or seek to exit the sex trade in Eastern Ontario. #NoLongerSilent - Proceeds from the sale of the coloring book go directly to programs to support survivors or sexual exploitation. "A book for dreaming, creating, and healing."

"Since launching the Hope Found Project at the end of May 2016, Voice Found has already helped a significant number of women and girls find their way to a new life; one that is filled with promise and re-enforced by positive action. We have achieved a high level of success thanks to our ability to mobilize quickly and adjust to the specific circumstances of the individual. In addition, our collaborative approach has allowed our clients to have access to the best support available to suit their needs." (The Hope Found Project)

Elsa Senner, and many other artists, each contributed seven illustrations to the Hope Found Coloring Book. Her theme took the form of the seven natural wonders of the world to inspire wonder and creativity. 

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